"Shakespeare often kept his bloody clashes off-stage, but then he didn't have Brian Danner around to stage them." --Madeline Shaner, PARK LA BREA NEWS


"... fight choreographer Brian Danner stages the stuffing out of it."  --Evan Henerson, LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS

"Brian Danner's fight choreography is perfectly executed, conceptualized and is a huge audience draw."  --Mialka Bonadonna Morano, LAist


"NogoodDEED's extraordinary fight sequences have been precision choreographed by Danner, the most electrifying of which has Cernoch and Lee attacking each other with metal bar and axe, the very real clang of metal against metal leading one to wonder how they do it without knocking each other senseless."  --Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA 


"Brian Danner's fight choreography is certainly fervent." --David C. Nichols, LOS ANGELES TIMES


"...some of the spiffiest fight choreography to ever swash a buckle on a Los Angeles stage."  --Kyle Moore, TOLUCA TIMES


"Brian Danner's fight scenes are so ferocious and realistic, one cringes when the swords clash against metal shields as energy levels rise to heart-thumping thrills."  --Jose Ruiz, REVIEWPLAYS.COM


"Brian Danner's fight choreography is engergetic and the performers attack it (and each other) with relish."  --Sharon Perlmutter, TALKIN' BROADWAY


"Brian Danner's fight choreography makes the hand-to-hand combat scenes realistic, replete with head-butts and savage blows."--Eric Marchese, THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER


"Extensive battle sequences."  --James Hamilton, LA ENTERTAINMENT EXAMINER


"...florid swordplay..."  --David C. Nichols, LOS ANGELES TIMES


"...a surefeit of various acts of derring-do..."  --David Mermelstein, LA WEEKLY


"The best fights I've ever seen.  Wow!" --Marc Singer, actor THE BEASTMASTER


"The bloody clashes between the warring tribes at the beginning and end of 'Macbeth' are extensively and realistically choreographed by Danner, and have the audience wincing and dodging broadsword blows and clanging shields - some of the best fight choreography I've ever seen." --Madeline Shaner, PARK LA BREA NEWS/ BEVERLY PRESS


"Fight work this prolonged and detailed-particularly on a stage of this size- is a thing of beauty. Danner and fight assistants...have the entire stage peopled with banging, hacking, sword-wielding combatants."  --Evan Henerson, LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS


"It's not easy to make a small theater seem as large as it did, especially with seven actors on stage, fighting to the point of breathlessness with long swords."  --Lisa Dupuy, GLENDALE NEWS


"Swords clang lustily against shields in the play's opening and closing battles."  --Evan Henerson, BACKSTAGE


"...goose the testosterone with the kind of onstage swashbuckling (choreographed by Brian Danner) that Shakespeare had intended to be played offstage."   --Bill Raden, LA WEEKLY


"Not only do we have a guy who knows what he's doing, but he knows how to sell it...I feel I'm in excellent hands."  --Andrew Leman as quoted by Joyce Randolph in the Burbank Leader.


"The battle scenes were wonderfully staged by Brian Danner, who also played Macduff."  --Geoff Hoff, LA THEATRE REVIEW


"If you like sword fights (and who doesn't) this play is a must see.  The sword play is expertly choreographed and delivered with gusto, the stage erupting with martial excitement at least a dozen times."  --David Vidal, PASADENA LIVING MAGAZINE


"It's all great fun--lots of storm and fury, with wicked sidelong glances and slapstick pratfalls..."  --Hoyt Hilsman, BACKSTAGE


"...the cringe-inducing fight choreography of Brian Danner -never lets the tension drop."  --Sharon Perlmutter, TALKIN' BROADWAY


"Especially amazing are the dazzling battle scenes they're able to mount on their small stage, thanks to Fight Choreographer Brian Danner." --Laura Hitchcock, CURTAINUP.COM


"Who do we have to screw around here to get a team of seven choreographers?" --Dara Weinberg, LAist.com


"...fight choreographer Brian Danner earns high marks." -- David C. Nichols, LOS ANGELES TIMES


"...the most impressive display of Brian Danner's excellent fight choreography." --Dink O'Neil,  BURBANK LEADER


"Brian Danner has designed exciting fight sequences, including some thrilling swordplay, expertly executed by Powers and Ryness."  --Steven Stanley, StageScene LA.com  (Dangerous Beauty)


"Kudos to the fight choreographer, Brian Danner."  --Lisa Dupuy, BURBANK LEADER


"The actors demonstrate terrific physical dexterity in fight scenes, masterfully choreographed by Brian Danner."  --Les Spindle, BACKSTAGE


"Brian Danner provided excellent fight choreography." --Laura Hitchcock, CURTAINUP.COM


"Thanks to Brian Danner, the fight scenes were marvelously believable." --Jackie Houchin, AMERICAN CHRONICLE


"I like it when they don't futz around with Shakespeare...The swordplay scenes carry the requisite amount of tension thanks to Brian Danner's straight-laced choreography."  --Robert Axelrod, CAMPUS CIRCLE


"Nods are due to designers Tom Buderwitz (the majestic sets), Soyon An (costumes), Russell H. Champa (lighting), and Brian Danner (fight sequences)." --  Les Spindle, BACKSTAGE (Dangerous Beauty)


"great fight choreograhy by Brian Danner" --Robert Machray, BlogCritics.org


"cast and crew of NO GOOD DEED impressively deliver on its graphic-novel-come-to-life promise, complete with superheroes, blodd and epic-ly chorographed fight scenes."  --Experience LA.com


"The assimilated violence (fight choreography by Brian Danner) is astonishingly realistic and disturbing" --Les Spindle, Backstage.com


"...the action pretty much made up for any loss of words.  Thank goodness the action was graphic."  -- Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles.


"The precisely choreographed fight sequences by Brian Danner (who also performs) provide a further saving grace."  ---Leigh Kennicott, Stage Happenings

"Danner's propulsive melees postpone any fretting..."
--Bob Verini, Variety


"Strongly executive fight choreography"  --Myron Meisel, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER


"...aggressive stage combat is made ultra-violent in accompanying comic book imaery, and a climactic super-power fight..."  Sharon Perlmutter, Talkin Broadway

"These exceptional performances are complimented by scenic designs from Arthur MacBride, lighting by R. Christopher Stokes, and Brian Danner’s on point choreography." --Dink O'Neal, Burbank Leader


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